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Join a Winning Team - PT & FT Welcome - No Cold Calls - Great Income!

Hiring qualified individuals to join our growing winning team as a Life Insurance Agent who want to make some good extra income working part-time (or full-time) helping us respond to families asking for us to meet with them ASAP. We have more responders' than we have Agents to meet with families!

Great part-time income of $500+ on average per each familiy we help - how many familiies do you have time to meet with each week or month? Our Agents close over 50% of the families they meet with just starting out by using our proven sales system with over a decade of success. Start earning immediate income! We give you the sales system to follow with excellent training programs to support you.

If you are not licensed yet and want to get licensed quickly, we have deeply discounted on-line courses to help you get licensed fast. We are not opposed to full-time Agents either but start part-time and work yourself out of your current job. Get control of your schedule, future, and income potential by joining our winning team now!

We are also looking for leaders who want to help build their own teams and agencies, earning additional management income, even while getting started!

We are the largest distributor of life insurance products in the U.S. for companies like Mutual of Omaha and Columbian Financial Group, along with 12 other national billion dollar "A" rated companies you know and hear about. Because we sell lots of life insurance and are growing fast, there companies give us life products and benefits you can only receive from our Agents.

We have an exclusive "responder" program that is only available to our Agents that gets you in front of families who are looking for protection for their families - they requested a meeting - we just need to book an appointment with them and go meet with them! You don't have to start with a list of your 200 best friends and family members unless you want to talk to them too.

Join the best team in the country and help us get with families for protection they are asking for!

Schedule your phone interview now by going to and attach a copy of your resume with full contact information. Your appointment time will be confirmed immediately.

K&M Insurance Group LLC is a national managing general agency, hiring Agents nationally. The greater northeast Ohio market is one of many high demand areas for us. You have flexibility on where you want to run business.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Mike & Kerry Williams

K&M Insurance Group LLC

Office: (440) 285-4927

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